New series for secondary school English – available in August 2024!

The new English series will make the teacher’s job easier by offering a wide range of solutions for differentiation and flexibility for different teaching styles. Connections gives a voice to people and cultures from all over the world. Clear and easy to use, the series is suitable for different learners.

Connections develops the language skills of every student

  • Connections offers everyone the opportunity to succeed and learn at their own level.
  • Real people and topics spark an interest in English and English-speaking countries.
  • There is plenty of practice and revision of the basics.
  • A variety of oral and functional activities prepare students for real-life situations.

Connections makes the teacher's everyday work easier

  • Clear and easy-to-use learning materials are quick to pick up.
  • The needs of different learners are well catered for.
  • Ready-made materials free up the teacher’s time.
  • Versatile material adapts to different teaching styles and needs.

Release dates for the Connections series

Connections 7 student’s printed book is now available. The product family will be complete by August 2024. The product family includes the digital teaching material, including audio, solutions and additional materials.

  • Connections 7 products 08/2024
  • Connections 8 products 08/2025
  • Connections 9 products 08/2026