Goals, skills, great outcomes!

Infinite is a new mathematics series for lower secondary school. Infinite motivates pupils with detailed learning objectives and different learning paths: textbooks provide clear learning objectives for each lesson and pupils can choose a learning path that is suitable for them. Objectives and paths also help teachers to differentiate instruction. In addition, Infinite encourages pupils to reflect on their skills and learning as well as the way they work. The series provides teachers with up-to-date practical tools for instruction.

Teach in your own style!

  • Infinite is suited to a variety of different teaching styles from traditional teacher-centered approach to more student-centered approaches. With Infinite, pupils can also work fairly independently.
  • The textbooks are also available as digital versions.
  • Infinite keeps learning objectives constantly at the forefront of learning and teaching – both for pupils and teachers.
  • The textbooks and extra material available in the digital teaching material make it easy to support the learners and differentiate their learning processes.

The advantages of using Infinite

  • Pupils have clear, explicit learning objectives for each lesson.
  • For each lesson, pupils can choose a path of exercises that is suitable for them, thus progressing at their own level and at their own pace.
  • Thanks to separate textbooks Infinite Percentages and Infinite Statistics and Probability, the textbooks can be taught flexibly in different orders.


Each chapter contains theory, examples, learning objectives and exercises. The exercises are divided into several sections. The first section is called Exercises for all. The exercises in that section familiarise pupils with the topics mentioned in the lesson’s learning objectives and should be completed by all pupils. After completing the Exercises for all, pupils choose between two alternative sections of exercises, Path A and Path B. Both paths are designed to help pupils reach all the learning objectives. Path A is easier and more repetitive than Path B, but it becomes slightly more difficult towards the end. Path B is more challenging right from the beginning and becomes more difficult quickly. After completing Path B, pupils can continue to even more advanced exercises in the Deepen and apply section at the back of the book. Each chapter also includes a Homework section.

Textbooks encourage pupils to self-assess their work. Every few chapters, pupils can take Skill tests that contain exercises relating to these chapters. Each test covers all the learning objectives of the chapters. Pupils check their test answers and mark the tests by themselves, thus becoming aware of what they already know and which topics they still need to revise. In addition, pupils reflect on the way they work and their learning process with the help of the textbook’s Assess your work self-assessment tool.

In addition to mathematical skills, pupils learn about GeoGebra and spreadsheet applications. In the textbooks, there are dedicated chapters for practising the use of GeoGebra and a spreadsheet application. Furthermore, pupils learn the basics of Python programming.

Textbooks are also available as digital books.

Materials for teachers

The digital teaching material includes the digital textbook as well as a variety of extra material. Extra materials include, but are not limited to

  • step-by-step solutions to all exercises,
  • worksheets with additional exercises at three levels for every lesson,
  • printable self-assessment report cards for pupils to fill in,
  • a multitude of additional activities in printable form,
  • a ready-made exam and
  • an exam bank with a large number of exam questions and their answers.

Publishing dates

The Finnish original series Ääretön will be completed in September 2024. The English version Infinite will be available as follows:

  • Infinite 7 8/2024
  • Infinite Percentages 1/2025
  • Infinite 8 8/2025
  • Infinite Statistics and Probability 1/2026
  • Infinite 9 8/2026