is a German series for lower and upper secondary school. Students learn about the language and culture of German-speaking countries based on their own interests and needs. The wide variety of texts address everyday situations for teenagers and encourage interaction in different ways. The comprehensive digital materials create new opportunities for language learning.


The textbooks contain texts and exercises about real people and topics relevant to young people. The materials encourage oral communication – all students can communicate on their level. Students learn about the German language and Germanspeaking countries. The series includes textbooks for 8 courses. There are plenty of exercises, which makes it easy to differentiate instruction. The exercises let pupils practise their basic writing and speaking skills individually, in pairs and in groups.


Digital books

The digital textbook material is enriched with interactive exercises. Students can practise topic-based and chapter vocabularies in a variety of ways. They can listen to all of the topic-based vocabularies, texts and exercises from the textbooks. The digital textbook also includes video materials about German-speaking countries. Abi for courses 9 and 10 is available in digital form.

Digital teaching materials

The practical digital teaching material is easy to use. It includes the digital textbook with sound files and videos, the answer keys for the exercises in the student’s textbook, supplementary lesson materials and lesson planning tips and advice.


The test bank contains test files and sound files (MP3). The tests in Microsoft Word format can be edited. The questions can be inserted in different documents. The digital tests include plenty of questions about all content areas and video-based tasks.

Other materials

  • Additional digital activities (for courses 1–2)
  • Audio files (MP3)
  • Otava Vocabulary app