¡Nos vemos!

¡Nos vemos! is a new Spanish series for lower secondary school and upper secondary. Fresh, lively lessons and engaging topics make classes enjoyable, and provide motivation and
opportunity to practise and improve. The focus on cultural aspects sparks students’ interest about Spanish-speaking countries.


¡Nos vemos! reflects the social nature of teenagers with realistic language models and dialogues. Clearly-structured lesson units and transparent learning goals foster motivation and success. A proven balance of vocabulary and grammar gives students the language they need.

Digital books

The digital textbook contains all the materials from the print textbook as well as sound files and interactive exercises, which give students direct feedback on their skills. Sound files of the texts help students practise listening, and they can record their own pronunciation. The digital materials also include video clips.

Digital teaching materials

The digital teaching material includes student’s digital textbook with sound files and video clips, the answer keys for the exercises and additional tasks.


The test bank contains test files, sound files and video clips. The tests in Microsoft Word format can be edited. The digital tests include plenty of questions about all content areas and video-based tasks.

Other materials

  • Sound files
  • Otava Vocabulary app