Scene is an English series that gives innovative, pragmatic help for pupils to develop their language skills. Scene is accessible and adaptable to the interests of teachers and pupils. With exercises at different levels, there is something for every pupil. Scene encourages teenagers to speak and communicate in real-life situations. The materials provide teachers with practical tools for inspiring teaching, with differentiated instruction for every classroom group.

Scene and the new curriculum

  • Scene focuses on active learning.
  • The materials offer plenty of opportunities for collaborative work.
  • Scene extends learning beyond the textbook and encourages pupils to learn with authentic materials.


  • A variety of inspiring culture-related tasks that span subject boundaries.
  • Scene encourages teenagers to speak and communicate in real-life situations.
  • Pupils are encouraged to use ICT as a learning tool.


The textbooks contain reading passages about real people and topics relevant to young people. The materials encourage oral communication – all pupils can communicate on their level. Pupils will learn about the English-speaking world and its various dialects. Topic-based vocabulary lists are used in communicative situations. Each textbook contains six chapters with different themes. Each chapter consists of two basic texts and a higher-level differentiated text, the FlexiText.


The exercises in Scene encourage pupils to use their English actively. The materials include tasks at various levels so pupils can find topics relevant to them.

Digital books

The digital textbook contains the same materials as the print edition, plus sound files and videos. Using the digital textbook gives you more time to work individually with pupils.

The digital workbook contains the same exercises as the print edition. Pupils can listen to vocabulary lists and tasks, and even record their own pronunciation. The tasks are interactive and give immediate feedback, so pupils can monitor their own progress. The teacher’s overview lets you see individual pupils’ and groups’ scores.

Digital teaching materials

The digital teaching material helps you make your teaching more engaging. The materials work on computers/laptops, tablets, visualisers and interactive whiteboards.

  • The digital teaching material includes everything in one place.
  • The material helps you in lesson planning and making your teaching more engaging.
  • The easy-to-navigate format includes teaching tips, extra tasks, scripts for read-aloud exercises, answer keys to exercises, and games for the whole class.
  • The material also includes the content in an interactive format, along with the sound files and videos.
  • The videos feature characters from the textbook as well as scenes with cultural content.


The series includes tests and vocabulary quizzes to make your work easier. The test bank also includes texts with accompanying comprehension questions that can be edited.

Other materials

The audio files (MP3) include recordings of all the texts and vocabulary lists in the textbooks as well as topic-based vocabulary lists, communicative situations and listening comprehension tasks.

The Otava vocabulary app (Otavan sanasto) can be downloaded for free on Android, Apple and Windows devices.