Moomin Maths & Emotional Skills

This learning material is designed to be used in teaching mathematical and emotional skills in early childhood education. The material employs Moomin stories and characters to teach pupils about emotions: the stories help pupils understand different emotions and give them the language they need to identify and express their own emotions. In addition, the material provides pupils with fun and interactive ways of practising their math skills through a variety of hands-on activities.

The original Moomin stories by Tove Jansson


The mathematical content of the series includes:

  • numbers 0-100
  • categorising and comparing
  • sequences and series
  • quantity and numerals
  • counting and subitising
  • decomposition and number bonds
  • decimal system
  • arithmetic operations: addition, subtraction and multiplication
  • basic programming skills.

Teacher's materials

Teacher’s guides should be used together with coursebooks. Guides offer support for each unit in the coursebook, including:

  • the story
  • answers to all the exercises in the coursebook
  • additional questions about the story
  • instructions for a wide range hands-on activities and games as well as arts and crafts projects
  • tips on how to help pupils take an active role in their learning.