Preschool Adventure

Adventures are waiting!

Topi, the hedgehog, Alma, the squirrel, and their friends are having a great time in a fun story written by prize-winning Siri Kolu. With all characters a child will learn a lot about feelings, friendship, nature and other important topics. Get along!

Learning material for pre-primary education

Preschool Adventure contains modules for mother tongue, mathematics, environmental education, emotional skills, physical education, media education, expression and presentation skills, music, crafts as well as social skills. Start with songs, play and games, then open the Preschool Adventure book!

Illustrations by: Johanna Lumme

Preschool Adventure and the Finnish curriculum

  • Integrative materials for pre-primary lessons include language, environment, maths, PE, social skills and media studies.
  • Includes all core content areas in the curriculum and broad-based skills.
  • The main focus is on learning-to-learn, functionality and inclusivity.

Child’s Book

Preschool Adventure is an integrative and diverse learning material for pre-primary education. The Child’s Book is a reversible workbook: from one side you enter the world of stories and when you turn the book the other way around, you
have the material for developing math skills. First half of the book, the world of stories, contains eight units which portray a fictional preschool called the Wild Fig and the goings-on of its children. Three of the units are intended for the autumn term and five for the spring term.

Teacher's Material

Before starting to work on the Child’s Book, children practice various skills related to the subject area at hand by playing, doing and experimenting. The Teacher’s Material contains a multitude of games and activities for each subject area (e.g. water on page 40 in the Child’s Book). The Teacher’s Digital Material also offers a lot of exercises that can be used when either introducing a topic or revising after children have studied and practiced a topic thoroughly. The Digital Material is a link between the two- and three-dimensional worlds.

Other components in Finnish

  • Digital Teacher’s Material
  • Large illustrations for classroom use taken from the Child’s Book
  • Songs CD
  • Puppets

Pen Adventure and Holiday Booklet

Pen Adventure and Holiday Booklet is an additional material for the use of children. It contains exercises with which they can strengthen their fine motor skills and perception. The exercises in the booklet can also be used as a tool for differentiation for either strengthening a child’s ‘pen skills’ or as extra material for those who are quick to finish.

The holiday part of the booklet covers the main holidays of the preschool year. Each holiday is presented by a coloring picture and an activity. Stories connected to the holidays and suggestions for celebrating them as well as other activities can be found in the Teacher’s Material.