High five!

High five! is an inspiring English series for primary school grades 1–6. It encourages pupils to learn and work together. This exciting series combines relatable, everyday life stories with an added element of adventure and fun. High five! is not only fun for the pupils, but for the teachers as well! It offers flexibility for both weekly timetables and for different ability levels. Use the innovative digital materials to liven up lessons.


The richly illustrated textbook, filled with a variety of different text types, trains multiliteracy skills. Illustrated vocabulary and key phrases for each chapter are presented on a double-page spread, which can also be used for differentiating the teaching. Catchy chants reinforce grammar structures, and pronunciation practice is given in lively stories. All chapters include songs and games. Faster learners will benefit from additional vocabulary and texts. The themes in High five! textbooks range from everyday life to hobbies, nature, travelling and recycling.


The user-friendly activities books enable the teacher to plan lessons easily. Each chapter starts with setting the goals and continues to versatile activities that practice the key vocabulary, phrases and grammar. Portfolio tasks help pupils to deepen their understanding. The exercises are followed by self-assessment and revision.

Digital books

The High five! digital books include the content from both Texts and Activities books in a fun learning environment. It also includes audio recordings such as songs and listening comprehension, videos and an online dictionary. The High five! digital book and Activities digital book can also be bought separately.

As the pupils complete tasks, they collect special prizes. They select their own avatar to represent them in the digital book. The pupils receive instant feedback and thus take responsibility for their own learning. Learning paths guide pupils to focus on their own strengths and challenges. The teacher can monitor how many tasks the pupils have completed and how well they did.

Digital teaching material

The digital teaching material includes the pupil’s printed or digital book with the answers, the teacher’s guide, audio materials and videos.

Teacher's guide

The teacher’s guide includes lots of extra material for lesson planning, such as teaching tips, time-management plans, games, activities, rhymes, etc.

Additional digital activities

The additional digital activities provide interactive exercises and games for users of the printed book. The learning environment is the same as in the Digital book, so the pupils receive immediate feedback on their performance and get prizes for their achievements.