Jump in!

Jump in! is an EFL series for early primary English learning. With games, drama activities, nursery rhymes and songs it makes learning English fun. There are plenty of activities, and differentiation is easy. Jump in! is easy to use and it includes a variety of materials that support your teaching. The series emphasises broad-based skills and enables subjectmatter integration.

Jump in! can also be used as support or supplementary material, as well as in multi-year classes and flexible early primary classes.


The pupil’s book contains plenty of active tasks to practise collaborative skills, working in groups and self-directed learning. The first three chapters practise the basic skills, after which the chapters can be taught in any order. This makes subject-matter integration easy. Each chapter includes 10 new words to practise in addition to reinforcing the basic vocabulary from the first three chapters. Pronunciation practise and common phrases are also included. For fast learners there is an ‘Extra’ section at the end of the book.

Teacher's guide

The teacher’s guide includes extra materials for lesson planning, such as teaching tips, time-management plans, activity cards, etc.

Digital teaching material

The digital teaching material includes the pupil’s book with the answer key, the teacher’s guide, audio materials, additional activities to do with the whole class, songs and nursery rhymes.

Additional digital activities

Pupils can use the fun interactive digital activities to practise the basic vocabulary in fun ways. Level 1 exercises don’t require reading skills.


Audio materials

The audio materials are available also on CD.