Star Maths

The Star Maths series follows the new Finnish curriculum and is based on the popular Finnish series Tuhattaituri. The content helps pupils make progress in their numeracy skills. Pupils learn fundamental mathematical concepts and skills at a manageable pace. There are also maths problems to solve as well as tasks to investigate, coding activities and other ways to reinforce pupils’ skills. Learning is facilitated through a variety of task types and tools for individual and group work.

Star Maths and the Finnish curriculum

  • Fun and cooperative learning are central to the entire series.
  • The materials make it easy to bring variety to your teaching.
  • Star Maths provides tips for multi-sensory maths teaching.
  • The materials include tasks to promote pupils’ coding skills. The Teacher’s Guide contains more tips on working with code.
  • Pupil coursebooks include investigative tasks and experiments to promote pupils’ ICT skills.




  • Mental arithmetic problems develop pupils’ basic number skills.
  • The illustrations depict the learning objective for each lesson. The Teacher’s Guide and digital resources include suggested activities and materials to support various teaching strategies.
  • The wide variety of inspiring exercises reinforce the concepts learned and help pupils to develop their logical thinking skills. Every lesson includes homework exercises as well.
  • Star Performance selfassessments check pupils’ mastery of the material.
  • Each chapter concludes with a summary of the concepts covered. Pupils can revise the material as test preparation.
  • There is also a brainteaser (Year 3 and up) to enable all pupils to practice problem-solving skills.

Teacher's guides

The Teacher’s Guide includes all the pages from the coursebook with answers. It also includes a wealth of tips for group work, assessment and skills-based exercises. The supplementary materials help you to provide individualised instruction for higher and lower abilities. The Teacher’s Guide also includes an assessment test for each chapter.

Digital teaching materials

The Star Maths Digital teaching material is the teacher’s digital tool used to display the coursebook a spread or an exercise at a time. Solutions for the exercises can be revealed by clicking on the answer area. In addition, the teaching material includes the full teacher’s guide, with its stories in audio format and the exams and resource packs as easy to print pdfs. The Digital teaching material is available for all grades 1–6.

Additional digital activities

The Star Maths Additional digital activities include a wide variety of higher and lower level exercises for each of the book’s lessons. The activities provide instant feedback and help reinforce and revise skills learned in class. You’ll also find a wealth of listening exercises that help develop pupils’ skills in mental arithmetic. The exercises can be used on your desktop or tablet, in class or at home.