Student’s World

Terms of Use – Updated 9.6.2022

1. General

Student’s World is a service provided by the Publishing Company Otava Ltd, located at (hereinafter also referred to as “the Service”). A first-time user must register to Student’s World as a user. In Student’s World, the User activates the digital materials they have acquired with an activation code. In future, the User will use their personal digital materials by logging into the Service with their personal user ID. It is also possible to activate other supplementary materials produced by Otava, such as recordings, in the Service.
In these Terms of Use, the User refers to a private person, a student user.

2. Terms of Use

By registering to the Service or by using the Student’s World service, the User agrees to comply with these Terms of Use. In connection with the registration, an agreement is created between Otava and the User. If the User does not accept these Terms of Use, they must immediately stop using the Student’s World service and the material provided through it. They must also report this in writing to the customer service of Otava Publishing Company Ltd, which, if necessary, removes the user ID and related information from the Service.

3. Content of the Service

3.1. Otava strives to ensure that its Service is as high-quality as possible and follows the national core curriculum determined by the Finnish National Agency for Education. Otava is responsible for the legality of the Service’s content and its compliance with accepted principles of morality, unless otherwise stated in the agreement or Terms of Use. Otava is not responsible for the views or opinions of students or other persons using the Service in the discussion or other similar forums of the Service.
3.2. Otava has the right to make changes to the Service, provided that the changes are notified in advance.
3.3. Some of the Service may depend on external factors, such as third-party software. Otava has the right to modify the Service insofar as it is caused by external factors. Otava will inform about the changes on the Service website.
3.4. The Service can include banners. The banners act as a channel for customer communication and provide the User with the most important service-related bulletins, such as information about update breaks. Customer communication is only carried out through the banners, and bulletins are not sent to service users via e-mail. The banners may also contain user surveys through which the User can participate in the development of service or digital products.

4. Responsibility for the Service

4.1. Otava is responsible only for the content, copyrights and other intellectual property rights of the material Otava has produced for the Service. Otava is not responsible for the content of material produced by third parties or the Users that is stored in or linked to the Service or for any technical or legal damage caused by it.
4.2. Otava strives to ensure that the content of the material it produces is accurate and free of errors. However, Otava is not responsible for any damages caused to the User by the use of incorrect, incomplete or interpretative information in the Service.

5. Service Availability

5.1. Otava shall use its best endeavours to ensure that the Service is available to the User continuously and without disruption. However, Otava shall not be liable for any inconvenience or damage caused by interruptions, slowdowns or errors in the Service. In addition, Otava shall not compensate for any damage caused by technical faults and interruptions resulting from maintenance or installation work, including changes to or loss of information contained in the Service or other information, or by any problems, version updates, disruptions or interruptions related to data transmission and caused by third parties.
5.2. Otava has the right to suspend the provision of the Service due to a change, upgrade or related technical reason or as the result of repairs, installation or maintenance of the telecommunications network or any other similar reason, or if required by legislation or other official regulation. Otava shall aim to keep the duration of the interruption to a minimum. If possible, the User will be notified of the interruption in advance.

6. Rights

6.1. The Service and the included material are copyrighted. The material included may also contain trademarks protected by law.
6.2. The proprietary right of the Service as well as all copyrights and other intellectual property rights belong to Otava or
other content providers or licence holders. No rights related to the Service shall transfer to the User, other than the right to use the Service for study purposes in accordance with these Terms of Use.
6.3. The rights to works created in or transferred to the Service by the User belong to the User, but Otava reserves the right to maintain these works on its servers and make any necessary copies of the works for their intended purposes. Otava is not obliged to keep the works if the User’s right of use has expired.
6.4. These rights shall remain in force even if the technical format or means of delivery of the Service or parts of it change, provided that the intended use of the works remains the same. The User is deemed to have accepted Otava’s maintenance right also in the new format or with the new means of delivery when they continue to use the Service.
6.5. Otava shall remove the User’s works within a reasonable time after the User’s right to use the Service or the licence for the learning material related to the work has expired, or if the student so requests.
6.6. By uploading material in the Service or by producing material in it, the User accepts the copyright restrictions imposed on the work in question in this provision. The User may not upload or create such material in the Service that exceeds the threshold of originality and in respect of which they do not accept these terms.

7. User’s right to use the Service

7.1. By registering, the User is granted the right to use the Service in accordance with these Terms of Use.
7.2. The User may use the Service only for studying purposes. The User is not entitled to make copies of the Service’s content or have it made or make the content or any part thereof available to the public by disseminating, transmitting, presenting or displaying it in public without a written consent of Otava. If the User is permitted by law to cite the material contained in the Service, they are obligated to mention the source in accordance with accepted principles of morality.
7.3. The User is not entitled to submit, transmit, create or store any work, message or other material in or through the Service that is contrary to accepted principles of morality or the law. In addition, the User is not entitled to submit, transmit or store material protected by copyright, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights in or through the Service, unless they have the express permission of the right holder for it. The User must note that their material may become available to the public. Otava removes material that violates the law, accepted principles of morality and intellectual property rights of a third party as soon as possible after being informed of it and reserves the right to remove material that violates Otava’s rights and hinders the operation of the Service. Otava is in no way responsible for any material submitted to the Service or stored in it by the User or for any claims for compensation and other claims by third parties related to the use of the material.
7.4. The User may not use the name or username of other users or outsiders in any function of the Service.
7.5. The User may not, even if an error or a defect in the protection or information security allows it, to examine materials intended for teachers or materials for which they do not have the right to use.
7.6. Otava has the right to prevent the use of the Service if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the Service will be used for the dissemination of the above-mentioned unauthorised material or otherwise in violation of the Terms of Use, accepted principles of morality or the law, or in a manner that endangers the operation of the Service or the data protection or security of other Users. The prevention does not release the User from their obligations under the law or the Terms of Use.
7.7. Otava is not responsible for the use of the Service or for any offences or infringements committed by the Users in or through the Service or with the help of it, or for any other acts or omissions contrary to accepted principles of morality or the obligations of the Users.
7.8. The User may grant their teacher the right to access the Service as required by the teaching situation. If the student so wishes, they can grant their teacher access to the performance records of a specific product by connecting with the teacher using the ID received from the teacher. The teacher or student has the right to end the existing connection at any time, after which the teacher’s right to view the student’s performance records expires.

8. User ID and password

8.1 To use the Student’s World service, the User must have a personal user ID and password. The User creates a user ID (= user’s email address) and password when the service is first used. The user ID and password are personal and shall not be disclosed or expressed to a third party. However, an underage User has the right to hand over the user ID and password to their guardian so that the guardian can familiarise themselves with the Service if necessary.
8.2. The User is responsible for storing their user ID and password and preventing them from ending up in the knowledge or possession of outsiders. The User is also responsible for all use under their user ID and any damages, costs or fees incurred.
8.3 If the User suspects that an unauthorised third party has gained access to their user ID or password, they must order a new password immediately to their email by clicking the “Forgot password?” link on the front page of the Service.
8.4. Otava has the right to change the user ID or password of the User and any other identifiers required for the use of the Service if this is required for technical or other acceptable reasons.

9. User’s personal data

9.1. The principles described in Otava’s Privacy Statement shall apply to the processing of personal data.
9.2. Otava has the right to process anonymous data generated in connection with the use of the Service for the maintenance and development of the Service and for statistical purposes. Otava has the right to store and process this anonymous data even after the agreement expires.
9.3. Otava complies with the due diligence requirements laid down in the personal data legislation and other applicable provisions of the personal data legislation in the outsourced processing of personal data.
9.4. When using the Service, the User must respect any personal data of other users they may have acquired, comply with the statutory obligation of confidentiality, and not process the data in violation of the personal data legislation, other regulations, these Terms of Use or accepted principles of morality.
9.5. Otava removes the User’s personal data from the Service after it expires or no later than five years after the last product license of the User expires. Otava also has the right to remove personal data from the Service if it is necessary for the operation of the Service or the data protection or security of the User. The User may have the opportunity to process some of their data themselves.

10. Information security

10.1. Otava manages the information security of its Services in a generally acceptable and efficient manner. It will use appropriate technical solutions to safeguard the security of the data and to prevent unauthorised access to its information systems, taking into account the available technical possibilities, the costs of the measures, the quality, quantity and age of the data processed and the significance of the processing for the protection of privacy. However, Otava may not be able to guarantee complete security.
10.2. The User is responsible for the proper management of the information security of their information systems.

11. Hardware, software and connectivity

11.1. The User is responsible for the acquisition, functionality and costs of the hardware, software and network connections required to use the Service. They may not disturb or cause inconvenience to the Service or other network users.

12. Liabilities and limitations of liability

12.1. With regard to defects and shortcomings in the Service, Otava’s liability is limited to the obligation to repair or re-perform the Service.
12.2. Each party shall be held liable for any direct damage caused to the other party by negligence. The parties must submit all their claims for compensation within six months of the date on which the party became or should have become aware of the occurrence of the damage.
12.3. The party’s total liability for all damages related to the Agreement may not exceed the sum of the charges paid for the Service during the six-month period preceding the occurrence of the damage. This limitation of liability does not apply to intentional damages.

13. Force majeure

13.1. Force majeure shall relieve Otava from obligations related to the Service if the said force majeure prevents or unreasonably impedes the performance of the Service. Force majeure includes fire, earthquake, flood, explosion, strike or other stoppage of work, orders of public authorities, disruption to energy supplies, shortage of raw materials or equipment, disruptions of cable or other data communications caused by or arising from outside factors, version updates or other comparable causes that were not foreseen and that could not reasonably have been prepared for in advance.
13.2. Otava shall announce force majeure on the Service website or in some other manner required by the situation as soon as the event has occurred.

14. Transfer of rights and obligations

14.1. The User does not have the right to transfer or grant the right to use the Service or any agreement on the Service to a third party without the written consent of Otava.
14.2. Otava retains the right to transfer the Service or its maintenance, related liabilities and obligations as well as any agreement on the Service to another company belonging to the same group.