Pupil's World

Pupil’s World – joining a comprehensive school group and adoption of materials

A teacher can add pupils to their group or alternatively share a group-specific product code with pupils, which the pupils can then use to join the group in Pupil’s World.

The teacher adds pupils to the group

Pupils are added to the group in Teacher’s World in the pupils section of the School page. Open the Edit window on the list of pupils by the pupil’s name. You will then be able to add them to your group with the +Add to group command.

The list of pupils also includes the Key Codes for the list of students.
If a teacher has added a pupil to their group, the digital material will be available in Pupil’s World immediately after logging in.

A pupil will independently join a group in Pupil’s World 

A pupil will gain use of digital materials linked to the group in Pupil’s World. The pupil will need the FirstName-LastName-Key Code to log in.  The pupil’s key code is available in the Pupils section on the Teacher’s World School page.

If a pupil joins a group themselves, after logging in the pupil enters the Group code they received from their teacher in the field at the top-right of the page and clicks on “+ Add”

Material is activated when a pupil opens it the first time.

If the teacher has added digital materials to the group for which a product code will be shared, the pupil must first join the group using the Group Code given to them by their teacher, and after this they must activate it with the Product Code provided by their teacher.