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Infinite is a new mathematics series for lower secondary school. Infinite motivates pupils with detailed learning objectives and different learning paths: textbooks provide clear learning objectives for each lesson and pupils can choose a learning path that is suitable for them. Objectives and paths also help teachers to differentiate instruction. In addition, Infinite encourages pupils to reflect on their skills and learning as well as the way they work. The series provides teachers with up-to-date practical tools for instruction.

Infinite 7

Infinite 7 is a textbook for lower secondary school mathematics. In this book, you learn about mathematical operations, basic concepts of geometry and algebraic expressions as well as equations and how to solve them. In addition, you will get a chance to use the GeoGebra application and programme with Python. In each chapter, there are clearly stated goals that let you know what the aim of your studies is. To support your learning, you can also use the digital materials that accompany this textbook.

ISBN/GTIN: 978-951-1-47217-9
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