Titanium – Physics and chemistry for lower secondary school

The Titanium series inspires learning. The series covers a variety of different topics and the exercises are suitable for different kinds of learners. Pupils are motivated through experiential and functional learning. The series encourages personal thinking and insight. Informative videos, pictures, illustrations and infographics promote multiliteracy. Titanium takes advantage of ICT, and simulations are also used in studying the different phenomena.


Kirjan kansikuva: Titanium Chemistry 1

Titanium Chemistry 1

Kirjan kansikuva: Titanium Chemistry 2

Titanium Chemistry 2

Kirjan kansikuva: Titanium Chemistry 3

Titanium Chemistry 3

Kirjan kansikuva: Titanium Physics 1

Titanium Physics 1

Kirjan kansikuva: Titanium Physics 2

Titanium Physics 2