Titanium Physics 1

Titanium Physics 1 is the first physics textbook for lower secondary school. At the start of each chapter there are questions, experiments and videos. The texts introduce the students to the phenomena of physics. Each double-page ends with some exercises. At the end of each chapter, there are also revision exercises and a summary of the most important things.


Content of the book: The world of physics: 1. Physics – the science of solutions, 2. The achievements of technology, 3. Research methods in physics, 4. Quantities and units, 5. Formulas and graphs, 6. Energy; Sound and light: 7. Sound and hearing, 8. Sounds around us, 9. Light and vision, 10. Lenses and refraction, 11. Mirrors and reflection, 12. Characteristics of wave motion.

ISBN/GTIN: 978-951-1-47817-1
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