Do Your Best! Sustainability

Observations, experiences, and actions affect our relationship with nature. The experience of belonging to nature and the ways in which we act in it and as a part of it are crucial in forming a relationship with nature.

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Do Your Best! Sustainability

The Do Your Best! Sustainability workbook is designed for learning about the environment, your relationship with nature, well-being and a sustainable future. Active, enquiry-based and experimental observations of nature and being in nature support an understanding of the necessity of nature and a respect for life on earth. How we relate to nature and our attitudes show in how we act in nature. The surrounding environment provides a safe, easily approachable place for learning and experiencing, where the basics of sustainable development can be observed and studied.

The book has four parts: 1) My Environment, 2) My Relationship with Nature, 3) My Well-Being and Nature as its Source 4) My Future. At the end of the book, you’ll find trip and activity tips, games and project ideas.

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