Digital materials

Archive your old groups in Teacher’s World

Once your group’s studies have ended and its assessment has been completed, and you no longer want to distribute licences via the group, archive the group.

If the group is not archived and the school has purchased new licences, students who are members of the group will have the opportunity to activate their licence again in Student’s World.

  • If you want to use materials from a group to be archived (e.g. edited digital teacher materials) as the foundation for a new group, copy the group before archiving it. The materials and group description will be copied, but the group’s members will not be transferred to the new group. Update the valid licences to the new copied group. For example, digital teaching materials will be visible with the information “The order has expired”, as the previous user term ended on 31 July. You will be able to access the current term’s materials for your group’s use by adding the digital teaching materials to the group view once again in the Change Materials section.
  • Even though the group has been archived, the group members will still be able to use materials (as long as the licence is still valid).
  • When you archive a group, it will be visible to both you and the student as archived.  You can return an archived group to an active status if you wish. At the time of activation, you can also change the licence distribution method. For example, the “shared with everyone” distribution method can be changed to “shared with a product code”.