Digital materials

How to access digital books, digital exercises and digital teaching materials

Teachers use the teacher’s digital teaching materials in Teacher’s World.

You can view the digital materials purchased by your school or which are part of the user benefit in the Purchases section of the Teacher’s World School view, where the school’s valid pupil and school licences as well as expired and future licences are listed.

The materials are also visible in the Materials view of Teacher’s World.

The My materials  section lists the school’s materials intended for you based on the subject you have listed in your account and for which the school has access rights.

The School materials section contains all the materials that the school has access rights to. Teachers have access to all the school’s materials, regardless of the subject they teach.

  • Click on the name of materials to transfer them.
  • Some materials have supplementary materials attached to them to allow use (Other materials section). In this case, the number in front of the material’s name indicates the total number of supplementary materials. Open the Supplementary materials menu by clicking on the number.

The materials in the View the materials section are those that the school does not have access rights to. A teacher has the opportunity to view these materials by starting a test period of 30 days.

Distribution of licences to basic education pupils.

1. Create a new group with the Add group  button, located in the Groups section Teacher’s World and on the Teacher’s World front page.

2. Name your group (at least two characters).

3. Select the digital learning materials for the group (e.g. Särmä 7 digital exercises). The default choice is “Share with everyone”, which means that the digital learning materials will be shared with all pupils who join the group. If you do not want to share digital learning materials with all the pupils who have joined the group, remove the selection “Share with everyone”. In this case, the digital material is shared with selected pupils with a product code.

4. Click on Save. After saving, a Group Code will be created, which will allow pupils to join the group in Pupil’s World. The teacher shares the Group Code with pupils.
(If the material has been selected to be shared with a product code after saving, the text “Show Product Code” will be visible next to the materials.)

Alternatively, a teacher can add pupils to a group.

Pupil’s World – joining a comprehensive school group and adoption of materials

A teacher can add pupils to their group or alternatively share a group-specific product code with pupils, which they can the use to join the group in Pupil’s World.

The teacher adds pupils to their group

Pupils are added to the group in Teacher’s World in the Pupils section of the School page. Open the Edit window for the specific pupil from the list. You will then be able to add them to your group with the +Add to group command.

The list of pupils also includes the Key Codes for the list of students.
If a teacher has added a pupil to their group, the digital materials will be available in Pupil’s World immediately after logging in.

A pupil will independently join a group in Pupil’s World 

A pupil will gain use of digital materials linked to the group in Pupil’s World. The pupil will need the FirstName-LastName-Key Code to log in. The pupil’s key code is available in the Pupils section on the School page in Teacher’s World.

If a pupil joins a group themselves, after logging in the pupil enters the Group code they got from their teacher in the field at the top-right of the page and clicks on “+ Add”

Distribution of licences to general upper secondary school students

You can create a new group with the +Add group button, which is located in the Groups section and on the front page.

Select the group type and the features you want for the group

a) Distribute licences and monitor completion of exercises

– when distributing school-purchased student licences to the group (school-purchased licences can be LOPS16 or LOPS21 licences)

– when you want to link digital teaching materials that will be edited to the group
– when students to whom school-purchased licences will be distributed and students who will purchase the material themselves join a group
– this group option will allow you to monitor the performance of students who have joined the group

b) Only monitor completion of exercises

– when you do not distribute licences purchased by the school to the group (all students who join the group must purchase the material themselves)
– this group option allows you to follow the completion of LOPS16 product exercises by students who have joined the group

Next, select the materials/course to be attached to the group

  1. Select Materials when you intend to distribute licences purchased by the school to the group.

– from the list, select the students’ digital book licences or digital package purchased by the school and distributed to the group.

Please note! If you only add digital materials to the group, students will not gain access to the materials.

– when you want to add materials to be edited to the group, also add the digital teaching material for the module you are teaching

When adding the material, choose whether you want to share materials with everyone in the group or with only part of the students who have joined the group:

If all the students that join the group have the right to a student licence purchased by the school, select “Share with all”.

If students who will purchase the licence themselves join the group or a decision is made to limit the sharing of licences for some other reason, select “Use product code”. In this case, the students who have a right to the licence will activate the material using the product code in Student’s World.

Material is activated when a pupil opens it for the first time.

If the teacher has added digital materials to the group for which a product code will be shared, the pupil must first join the group using the Group Code given to them by their teacher, and after this they must activate it with the Product Code provided by their teacher.

Distribution of licences to general upper secondary school students