If a digital book does not open

Clearing the browser cache

We recommend that you clear your browser cache from time to time to ensure that you always have the latest version of your browser.

Clearing the cache improves security and should always be tried as a first option if your digital material does not seem to work. For example, sometimes when products are updated, old information from a page remains in the cache, which can cause the digital book to load slowly or not open at all.

Check whether the browser and operating system you are using are supported:

Supported browsers for computers and smart boards
The latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. We recommend using Google Chrome.

Supported operating systems and browsers for tablets
The latest Apple iPad OS, Android OS and Windows OS operating systems with Google Chrome as the primary browser.

Other technical requirements

Use of PDF files will require Adobe Reader.
The test tool cannot be used on mobile devices

Are you using a digital book on a tablet and have you made a shortcut to the book on the desktop? When your session in Student’s World expires, the shortcut will no longer work. Instead, it will ask you to log in to Student’s World. Log in to Student’s World with your username and password and open the product from under the Materials heading. You will only need to use an activation code once to open a digital book.