If you have technical problems with a product or find an error in the content

Every digital product includes a Provide feedback link, which you can use to send information on problems and content errors.

Please describe the problem you have encountered in your error report in as much detail as possible. If possible, also send information on your computer’s operating system, and the name of the browser and browser version you used.

Remember to mention the following in your message:

1. Which specific digital product is in question?
2. What were the assignment(s) or assignment type(s) that you encountered problems with?
3. A brief description of the problem.
4. Which user(s) did the problem apply to?
5. Which browser have you used? Which browser version? Have you tried using another browser?
6. What device were you using when the problem arose? Have you tried using another device?

Sending a screenshot or a photo of your screen may speed up finding a resolution to the problem.

In the event of a fault, you can contact our Customer Service directly at