Teacher's World

Temporary access rights to Teacher’s World for substitute teachers

If you do not yet have access rights to Teacher’s World:
• Register at Teacher’s World at https://opepalvelu.otava.fi/register and join the school where you will be a substitute teacher.
• Wait for the school’s administrator to approve your request. You will receive a confirmation email about this.

If you have already registered at Teacher’s World, but you want to join a school at which you will be substituting:
• Go to the Settings view in the School section in Teacher’s World. Join the school by clicking on the Add school button. Select the school, add your role and click on “Save”.
• Wait for the school’s administrator to approve your status. After approval, you will be a sent a confirmation email.

The school’s administrator can determine a period of validity for the substitute’s Key Code in Teacher’s World by editing the teacher’s information at Additional settings > Substitute > The user will be at the school temporarily